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My name is Camille Esayan and I live and work in Paris, France.

If my approach of design had to be summarized in one term, it would be “co‑main” (shared, with the work of hands in French, “co‑handling”). Beyond this play on words, the latter intends to involve the designer’s hand jointly with the user’s during a creative process, thereby to consider design, more than a simple craft, as a general way to tackle with existence, a real “co‑handed” goods. Thus, Vilém Flusser, in his book Shape of Things, A Philosophy of Design, wrote before me: “Design means, among other things, fate,” he explains. “This process of asking questions is the collective attempt to seize hold of fate and, collectively, to shape it.”

I apply myself to make these ideas concrete as an independent graphic designer and illustrator, working hand in hand with associations, startups and small and medium‑sized enterprises, surrounding me with collaborators who possess complementary skills.

Thanks to my multidisciplinary studies in graphic design, illustration and product design, I approach each of the projects in which I am entrusted in a transversal way, from their conception to their manufacture, summoning the very best of my expertise in multiple domains such as:
– graphic identity, logotype, typography, print and editing, packaging or signage system. Printing (books, booklets, leaflets and business cards), webdesign (websites, social network advertisings, e‑mailings), motion design (video clips, trailers, animated short films) and objects (scenographies, furniture scales) are my action range,
– visual creation on demand by the use of computer generated images (Photoshop, Illustrator and all Adobe softwares) or using more traditional technics such as painting, color pencils, markers, collages in both black and white and colors,
– artistic direction and counsel for communication (in a graphic view of course).

In parallel to my services in graphic design and illustration, I am at the initiative of several self‑published artistic projects.

I will be delighted with meeting you around your project!
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Curriculum Vitæ:

Freelance professional experiences:

November 2018: Flyer for the program Partir en livre, organized by the Centre National du Livre, Paris 7th district. Broadcasted during the 2018 edition of Salon du Livre et de la Presse Jeunesse, at Montreuil, Seine‑Saint‑Denis.
September/October 2018: Graphic identity proposal for Team Spi Rythm festival, Paris 9th district. Poster, flyer, leaflet and digital communication supports of the event.
September 2018/Until today: Graphic identity for Profil Public, Paris 11th district. Logotype and design of a tool box made of layouts, illustrations and pictograms, designed for a digital use.
January/June 2018: Co‑founder of the french podcast Le radiographe, with Marion Ménard, 13 episodes. Le podcast qui explore le design et part à la rencontre des designers d’aujourd’hui et de demain.
January/February 2018: Proposition of a leaflet for the Comité Français pour la Solidarité Internationale, Paris 9e, with Marion Ménard. Researches of layouts, pictograms and illustrations.
January 2018: Graphic identity for FJT Jeune Cordée, Paris 9th district, with Marion Ménard. Logotype, flyer, poster and leaflet.
December 2017: Christmas scenography for the cheese shop Beillevaire, Paris 15th district, with Marion Ménard. Installation, illustration strip, stickers and tinsel.
August 2017: Graphic identity for Termatière, France/Benin, with Marion Ménard. Logotype, business card and website.
June 2017: Graphic identity for Amazillia, Les Ponts‑de‑Cé, with Marion Ménard. Logotype, business card and tote bag.
May 2017/Until today: Skilful graphic designer for Topy, Boulogne‑Billacourt. Creation of various printed documents and of the website.
April 2017/Until today: Skilful graphic designer for Wemind, Paris 12th district. Creation of various printed documents, including a leaflet co‑designed with Marion Ménard.
February 2017/Until today: Skilful graphic designer for Agence Nouvelle des Solidarités Actives, Paris 2th district. Creation of various printed documents.
February 2017: Graphic identity for Thibaut Joire‑Noulens' exhibition, Bleu, Paris 6th district. Flyer and poster.
December 2016: Realization of a press advertising for Des Mots et des Arts, Paris 18th district, with Marion Ménard. Publication in the weekly magazine À Nous Paris.
November 2016/August 2017: Graphic identity for Constantin Schlachter's exhibition, Arrière‑pays, at 71B gallery, Paris 18th district. Artistic direction of his book, La Trajectoire du Gyrovague.
October 2016/June 2018: Co‑founder of the studio emballage collectif with Marion Ménard. Graphic design, illustration and typography.
April/December 2016: Skilful graphic designer for AREP Design and AREP Designlab, Paris 13th district. Signage system, layout for printed documents, goodies.
March 2016: Graphic identity for the lecture day La fabrique des outils. Concevoir et pratiquer les logiciels de design for the association Design en recherche, Paris 11th district. Poster, leaflet.
February 2016: Graphic identity of the documentary L’enracinement, à l’ombre des cafés for the association of Arthur, Machu et Clément, Reims, Marne. Poster, credits, social network advertising.
November 2015/Until today: Graphic identity for the association Les Jeudis Arty, Paris 3th district. Logotype, poster, leaflet, tote bag, signage system, press and social network advertising.

Interventions and residencies:

October 2018/Until today: Member of the board at LISAA. Exchanges with futur graduates in architecture and design.
May 2018: Intervention within Étape Design, with Marion Ménard, Paris 13th district. Exchange with webdesign students concerning the profession of graphic designer.
February/June 2018: Residency Création en cours, supported by Ateliers Médicis, with Marion Ménard. Reflection about narration through an artistic project and workshops with 48 children of Pierre Robert's primary school of Saint‑Paterne‑Racan.
February 2018: Intervention within Like ton Job, with Marion Ménard, Paris 17th district. Exchange with secondary‑school pupils concerning the profession of graphic designer.
July 2017/January 2018: Intervention within Apprends et rêve, with Marion Ménard, Paris 16th district. Workshops with children from 4 to 13 years old.

Exhibitions and distinctions:

June 2018: Il était une image, with Marion Ménard and the 48 children of Pierre Robert's primary school of Saint‑Paterne‑Racan, at Clarté‑Dieu abbey. Complete scenography of the exhibition.
November 2017: L'abribus sciensationnel, Les sensifiques, during Museomix at Palais de la Découverte, Paris, with Clara Balayer, Paul Boniface, Hélène Malcuit, Victoire N'Sondé and Coralie Rotureau. Graphic identity and complete scenography of the exhibition.
October 2017: Rock en Seine, selected with Marion Ménard among the 10 finalists of the contest organized by Babel, étapes and Rock en Seine within the scope of the design of the poster for the 2018 edition of the festival. Interview with the team about our proposition.
Décembre 2012: Les 150 ans de l’Intercontinental, with Justine Chaumont and the promotion 2011/2012 of ÉSAA Boulle, Grand Hôtel 2, rue Scribe Paris 9e. Exhibition of a Christmas tree made especially for the event.


September 2015/March 2016: Graphic Designer at Emmaüs Défi, Paris 19th district. Corporate identity and style guide, flyers delivering and selling.
April/July 2014: Artistic director’s assistant at Lords of Design™, Montrouge, Hauts‑de‑Seine. Layouts of books, posters.
May/June 2012: Graphic Designer at Agence 9, Paris 9th district. Leaflets and posters.
May/June 2010: Product designer at AREP, Paris 13th district. Sketches and 3D renders for the creation of a playground for children in train stations.


2013/2015: Master in Graphic Design, ÉSAAT, Roubaix, Nord.
2011/2013: Higher National Diploma in Illustration, LTAA Auguste Renoir, Paris 18th district.
2009/2011: Higher National Diploma in Product Design, ÉSAA Boulle, Paris 12th district.
2006/2009: High School Diploma in Applied Arts, Lycée Jean‑Pierre Vernant, Sèvres, Hauts‑de‑Seine.

Additional skills:

Writing, workshops animation, community management, 3D modelling and entrepreneurship.